To come to be what you are not
you must go by a way in which you are not.

– St John of the Cross

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Soft breathing of the air,sweet song of nightingale above the plain,the graceful thicket, wherea night serene and fairbrings flame that burns, consuming with no pain. One should not think it impossible that the soul be capable of so sublime an activity as this breathing in God, through participation as God breathes in her. The result … Continue reading

There you’ll reveal to meall that my soul has longed for on the way –you, Love, my life will be! –there give without delaythe gift you gave to me that other day. That which the soul says He will reveal to her is essential glory, consisting in the vision of God’s being. … it is … Continue reading

Well now let’s get back to our castle with its many dwelling places. You mustn’t think of these dwelling places in such a way that each one would follow in file after the other; but turn your eyes toward the centre, the royal chamber. The soul is capable of much more than we can imagine, … Continue reading

Now then let us deal with the divine and spiritual marriage…In the spiritual marriage, there is still much less remembrance of the body because this secret union takes place in the very interior centre of the soul, which must be where God himself is… What God communicates here to the soul in an instant is … Continue reading

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