To come to be what you are not
you must go by a way in which you are not.

– St John of the Cross







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method of ascent

  One has to follow this method… this method of emptying the faculties of their natural occupations to make room for illumination. Remain alone in a loving awareness, without particular considerations, in interior quiet, without the acts and exercises of the faculties. Remain only in general loving awareness, without any particular knowledge or understanding. The … Continue reading method of ascent

remain in me

Remain in Me. It is the Word of God who expresses this wish. Remain in Me, not for a few moments, a few hours which must pass away, but remain…  permanently, habitually… We must enter ever deeper into the divine Being through recollection… we must descend daily this pathway of the Abyss which is God. … Continue reading remain in me

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