ground of being

Ways in which I might recognize eternal being as the ground of my own being.

One is the way of faith when God reveals himself as he who is.

St Augustine, who groped his way to God pre-eminently from the experience of his inner being, emphasized in ever new verbal expressions the fact that our being points beyond itself to true being.

This groping search in darkness reveals to us the incomprehensible one as inescapably near, as the one in whom ‘we live, move and are” (Acts 17:28). Faith reveals to us the God of personal nearness, the loving and merciful God, and therewith we are given a  certitude which no natural knowledge can impart.
(pp 58 – 60)

We have learned to know the innermost being of the soul as the “abode of God.” By virtue of its pure spirituality, this innermost being is capable of receiving into itself the Spirit of God. 

We also have to consider what it means for the soul to receive God into its innermost being. The omnipresent God is, of course, present always and everywhere. It is therefore not possible to assume that God enters into a place where he was not present before. To say that the soul receives God means rather that it opens itself and gives itself freely to him to bring about a union that is possible only between spiritual persons. It is a union of love : God is love, and the participation in divine being which is granted in this union is a participation in divine love. (pp 504- 505)

Edith Stein. Finite and Eternal Being.

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