Silence encountered

‘Silence’ is not an auditory silence or even a quietness of the mind, it is a state of profound and inexpressible stillness. The incomprehensible is encountered and known.

The state of Silence thrives as the experience of grace, that expanse of supreme bliss which is the perfect primal entity. Consequently, all other states come to merge in it like many different rivers entering the ocean of Silence

When Silence occurs, it is the Lord who abides, embracing us in a union with Him.

The utterly perfect supreme reality whose form is Silence can only be kissed with Silence.

The beloved shines as the embodiment of Silence, the infinite expanse of grace. Causing us to see Him as the true self, He demonstrates clearly in the heart, in the form of the pure expanse, the natural state that exists as the treasure trove of grace.

Except through Silence there is no other means to know faultlessly the whole and primal entity, That Which Is.

Be still, and know …

God is love, His form is Silence.

He is the ancient one; he is the immediate one; he exists as the supreme serenity; he is the tranquillity immanent; the pure expanse of whose essence is he himself.



  • Anon

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