enveloped in the divine being

  • Gaze upon Christ… come to see him with the eyes of your soul.

In analyzing ourselves, each one of us readily realizes our own personhood; this irreducible “me”. This “me” remains despite all the upheavals and changes in our lives. Throughout all our joys and sorrows, in health and in sickness. our human personality presides over every stage of life, from cradle to grave. That personality embraces our memories and our fantasies, as well as our pride and our shame at various times of our lives. That personality enables us to pray, to love, and to act be it basely or bravely. It is the mysterious “me” which imparts all value to our being.

When we scrutinize Christ, we find in him, an authentic human nature composed of both a real body and a real soul with all its faculties. We find in him also a will with a loving heart and a spirit capable of prayerful knowledge of God. That spirit was likewise capable of suffering the intense pain of the dark night of the soul, as when he cried out from the cross, “Eloi, Eloi, lemma sabachthani?” [Mk 15:34].

However, what we do not find in Christ is this overarching human “me”.
Therein, we confront the majestic mystery.

What a rapturous reflection the mother Mary experienced, when she first gazed into the eyes of her infant son and there discovered a glint of God’s infinity!

We must see Christ. I stress this point: we must truly see Christ. We cannot see Christ and remain as we are. We cannot exchange a look with Christ and not be overcome. If we are tepid and still attached to our ease, it is because we have not exchanged glances with Christ; we have not really seen Christ. Exchange that glance with Christ; a true, living, and real contact that is not the fruit of the imagination, but rather reaches the heart of things as they are.

When I speak of seeing Christ, I mean the experience of being ‘swept up’ by Christ himself…. we become enveloped in the divine being… the presence of God himself.

He is the God-man, yet he does not have a human personality. Rather, it is the infinite person of God in whom Christ subsists, and through whom Christ is made incarnate.

  • Pere Jacques. Listen to The Silence. Conference 3.

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