Receive your Fulness

If we understood how to see in each moment some manifestation of the will of God, we should find therein also all that our hearts could desire.

If you possess the secret of discovering it at every moment and in everything, then you possess all that is most precious.

Your wishes need have no measure, no limit. However much you may desire I can show you how to attain it, even though it be infinite. There is never a moment in which I cannot enable you to obtain all that you can desire. The present is ever filled with infinite treasure, it contains more than you have capacity to hold. Faith is the measure. Believe, and it will be done to you accordingly. Love is also the measure. The more the heart loves, the more it desires; and the more it desires, so much the more will it receive.

The will of God is at each moment before us like an immense, inexhaustible ocean that no human heart can fathom; but none can receive from it more than she has capacity to contain; it is necessary to enlarge this capacity by faith, confidence and love.

The whole creation cannot fill the human heart, for it is greater than all that is not God.

The divine will is a deep abyss of which the present moment is the entrance. If you plunge into this abyss you will find it infinitely more vast than your desires.

Receive your fulness from the divine will of God alone, it will not leave you empty. Adore it, put it first before all things; tear all disguises from vain pretences and forsake them all going to the sole reality.

The reign of faith is death to the senses; it is their spoliation, their destruction. Destroy the idols of the senses and they will rebel and lament, but faith must triumph because the will of God is indestructible. When the senses are terrified, or famished, despoiled, or crushed, then it is that faith is nourished, enriched and enlivened. When a soul recognizes the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely; then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances. Thus it experiences great happiness in this coming of God, and enjoys it the more, the more it has learnt to abandon itself at every moment to His adorable will.

  • J.P. de Caussade.  Abandonment to Divine Providence

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