Passing beyond all that is naturally and spiritually intelligible, or comprehensible, a person ought to desire with all their might to attain what in this life is unknowable and unimaginable.

And parting company with all a person can taste and feel, temporally and spiritually, a person must ardently long for what surpasses all taste and feeling.

To be empty and free for this, a person should by no means cling to what is received spiritually or sensitively, but consider it of little import.

The more esteem a person gives to all their knowledge, experience and imagining (whether spiritual or not), the more a person subtracts from the Supreme Good, and the more the delay in the journey toward Him.

By blinding the faculties along this road, a person will see light, as the Saviour proclaims in the Gospel: “I have come into this world for judgement, that they who see not, may see, and that they who see may become blind.” [Jn. 9.39] Literally these words should be understood in reference to the spiritual road, that is: Anyone who lives in darkness and blinds themself to all their natural lights will have supernatural vision, and anyone who wants to lean on some light of their own will become blind, and be held back on this road leading to union.

  • St John of the Cross (Asc II.4)

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